Take control.


Being a leader of an organization or an opinion leader induces strong personal, professional, political or societal exposure. You lead or will lead strategic projects or missions with high risk potential as a leader or local/national elected official. Are you in a dynamic that you need to consolidate in a strategic approach of anticipation? You are in a situation where you are losing control of your public or professional image and you need to protect your credibility. Is your reputation being attacked professionally and/or publicly? Take back control of the situation with Spiin.


Spiin develops a systemic approach to the problem, which enables the leader to clarify his or her reading grid and act in full awareness of the issues at stake while developing his or her efficiency. Spiin brings its expertise in holistic management to better understand the actor’s resources, posture, objectives and actions. Spiin consolidates his or her environment, communication, targets, messages and tools, by relying on a group of skills as well as an extreme discretion of intervention, 24/7. Spiin has more than 20 years of experience in the dynamic support of leaders in Switzerland and France.